In Depth Guide to Multiverse Conquest

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In Depth Guide to Multiverse Conquest

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The game is turn-based, with 1 action turn occurring every ten minutes. Upon each turn, you generate a certain amount of in-game currency and population. You can use the currency for everything from training your population, increasing your military, to upgrading technology. You must guard this well, for the more you have, the more likely it is that someone will try and attack you to take it! In turn, though, you can use your action turns to attack other players, to get their resources, or simply cause destruction within their realms.

Population is gained from increasing your population growth rate (on the 'population' management screen), generate a small income on their own, and are also trainable into the various unit types in the game. Either on their own, or trained into higher income producing units, these units (and therefore population growth) is critical to grow your realm, and should be a primary focus when starting.

Common Questions:
  1. Why am I losing currency and population?
    You are most likely being attacked by other players. To check this go to your Historic Battles page.
  2. Where did my military units go to?
    Yet again the most likely answer is someone is attacking you using the Assassinate feature. To check this go to your Intel Reports page.
  3. How come I am not ranked?
    Rankings are only calculated at the end of every turn and you will have to wait till the end of the turn to see your new rank.
(If you had questions when you first started and they were not listed here or anywhere else in help, please tell us via a topic in the suggestions on the forums or email support. Thanks)

Terms and Definitions:
The following terms, and definitions, can be found in one, some or all of the multiverse universes.
General Terms:
These are terms that you can find in all of the games.
  1. Action Turns: (attack turns)
    Every turn you will get new action turns to use. You use them to attack other players to steal their currency, spy on other players, or other kind of attacks.
  2. Commander:
    The commander is a leader of an officer, and a player can only have 1 commander.
  3. Military Unit:
    A group of 1 to millions of the same military unit type. A military unit can have a unit commander.
  4. Officer:
    The officer is under the commander. A commander can have multiple officers.
  5. Population Growth:
    Your population growth is the number of general population units (each race has their own type) you generate daily. Increasing your Pop Growth will ensure you grow rapidly as the game goes on.
  6. Protected:
    When you first create your account, your account will be under a protection. During this time your account will be immune to all attacks by others for the duration of the protection.
  7. Rank:
    This is how strong you are compared to others. First your attack, defense, and covert power are ranked against others, and then with these three ranks your overall rank is calculated. So to have a high overall rank, you must have all three of your individual ranks high to have your overall rank high.
  8. Superpower Level:
    This is an upgrade that will take a very long time to upgrade, with each upgrade costing more and more. When you upgrade this, it will unlock new military unit types which will be more powerful than those you currently have. Also, this upgrade will multiply all your four stats (attack, defense, covert, income) by the current level. So level 2 will make all your stats 2x as strong and level 3 will make them 3x as strong (as level 1), and so on.
  9. Turn: (tick)
    Every 10 min a turn goes by, at which point you will get resources, action turns, population, and ranks are updated. This turn will happen all day long even while you are not online.
  10. Universe:
    This is where you go to find all other players in the game. Here all players in your game will be ranked in ascending order. The term also refers to the specific game universe.
  11. Vacation:
    If you will be away from the game for an extended period you have the option of putting your account into a vacation status. There is a minimum of 2 days in vacation mode. When you put your account in vacation it will remain in vacation until you login next after the two days. While in vacation your account is frozen and no time will pass, no turns generate, and you cannot be touched by other players.
(If there were terms when you first started that were hard to understand, please tell us via a topic in the suggestions on the forums or email support. Thanks)

Starting Out
A few notes on how features work and good things to do to stay strong:

Upgrading your population growth is always a good way to become stronger - if not immediately, in the long term.
If you have zero covert action you open yourself up for others to spy on you and see exactly how many resources are in your realm, directly from the universe pages. More covert will hide your resources from prying eyes of weaker covert power than you.
When you upgrade your superpower level it will upgrade each of your four skills. In (1 x 100% x 100%), the number 1 will be your superpower level. So if you upgrade it to 2, it will then become (2 x 100% x 100%). Also when you upgrade this it will open a new attack and defense military unit for your use.
Your 'bank' size is increased by upgrading it, with each upgrade doubling its size.
Your base points are a very important factor in the stat you add them to. The are a multiplier of a multiplier, so an extra 10% in one area really will make a big difference - some now, and a lot more later.
When protected, you are immune to all attacks by others for the duration of the protection.
To train military units you will first need to train Armed Untrained men from your untrained population. After you train them you will be able to train the military unit. If you demote your military units you will get some of the currency spent returned, and each unit will be returned to the Armed Untrained pool of units.

When you attack or get attacked by others your military units will lose some of their health&power. A unit at less than full power will not perform at its full potential power. If a unit has zero health, it is destroyed. Units are treated as a single entity - you can attack with them all as one, recover health&power as one. If you lose one due to health depletion, you therefore lose them all.

Actions by Game Navigation Options

The Home' is the page you see after logging into the game, or clicking 'home'. It displays the statistics about your account. The Home is subdivided into two main categories: User Info and Population.

User Info
The User Info section deals with your account information, your commander, Research upgrades you have purchased, while also giving current statistics, including current users online, population growth, available currency, amount in bank, income per turn, and total turns.

The population section deals with your population counts. It tells you your totals of Attack, Defense, Untrained troops, spies, and laborers. There are two levels of attacking and defensive troops - one trained and equipped to fight and the other ready to be trained and equipped. The names of your troops differ from race to race. See the Population section for full details on each population type, and the tables above for the generic and race names for each type.

Additional Account Options found on the Home page

Account Details
Change Email/Password Here you can change your email and password. Make SURE you enter your correct email! Changing password does just that, and is recommended periodically for security reasons. Please DO NOT use the same password as other sites, forums, or chat rooms. If you use the same password anywhere else someone could obtain that password and use it to login and steal your account, so its better to be safe than sorry.
Go on Vacation! Here you can put your account in 'suspended animation' -- for a minimum of 2 days, no maximum, your account 'freezes' ... Nobody can attack you, you do not gain income or units, and nothing in your account changes. After you click this your account will not come out of vacation mode till the next time you login, as long as its after 48 hours of entering vacation mode.

Accept New Officers: This checkbox determines if you are willing to accept new officers. If you are happy with your current officer/commander situation, you may want to NOT accept new officers. If you are not accepting new officers, the 'make this user my commander' option on the stats page (given after clicking a user name on the ranking or attack screen), is not available.

This section is for all types of population training, the most common being used to train the 'general population' you receive each turn into specialized troops. You can also 'demote' population types. Additionally, the population center has the ability to increase your daily population growth (PG). Below is a description (using the generic name - see the table above for race specific unit type names) of each unit and training type:

General Population These are your normal population, from which all others are trained. On their own, they create a small income but their real use is in having available population to train into specialized professions.

Laborers These specialists are trained from General Population, and are devoted to generating income for your realm. More income means more growth, which means more income, etc. so do not underestimate their usefulness in your realm!

Covert Intelligence Also trained from General Population, these are your 'secret agents', 'spies', 'covert operatives', or 'sneaky dudes' or whatever else you wish to call them. They both protect your realm from other realms' agents, and allow you to infiltrate other realms using stealth instead of force. In general, they give you more information and cause more destruction abroad, while protecting your own domestic interests.

Offensive In Training These are in effect new war recruits, drawn from your General Population and put into basic training. They specialize in offensive operational training, and will never be available for defense from other realms if you are attacked. Additionally, without further training, and equipment, they are not ready to attack, either. In effect, they are totally useless in this state with the sole exception of being the pool of units will you need to draw from to build your offensive military force.

Defensive In Training The mirror of Defensive In Training, these are General Population turned new war recruits who specialize in defensive training, never being available for attacking other realms. Also, without further training, and equipment, they are not ready to defend you, either. They are also useless until you use them to build your defensive military force.

Offensive Military Trained from Offensive In Training, with any number of types of additional training and equipment (via the military page), these are your true offensive military force. The number is a total of all varieties of additionally trained units, and their effectiveness or strength as a whole is measured as 'Attack Power' seen at the top of the page. Working as a single entity, they will leave en masse to attack other realms for resources, or pure destruction, at your command...

Defensive Military Trained from Defensive In Training, with any number of types of additional training and equipment (via the military page), these are your defensive military force responsible for defending your realm against foreign invaders. Their numbers are a total of all varieties of additionally trained units and equipment, their effectiveness or total power measured as 'Defense Power' seen at the top of the page. On attack on your realm, every one of them will immediately engage to defend your resources, property, and citizens.

Total Population This is simply a count of all of your citizens, military and civilian, who are yours to manage throughout your realm.

The military is, as the name suggests, the place to train and demote military armed population of various strength and costs. The Military page is divided into two main categories: currently armed population and military population training.

Currently Armed Units
The Currently Armed Population (top of screen on military page) lists your current quantity of military population you have combat trained, separated into Attack then Defense division, ordered by military power. You can fully heal each population type, partially heal each population type (input the number of health points desired), or demote your population (again input how many to recovered if desired). Prices are listed for all activities. Tip: if you want to make a large purchase, consider demoting some of your military population to get the currency quickly. Military population demotion gives back a percent of cost, but can still be a great source of funds when needed badly. The Unit Self Recovery & Repair will heal your military unit type each turn by the amount of points you upgrade in it. If you purchase one point that will heal that particular military unit by one point each turn. So if you have 50 military units of that type, you will need to purchase 50 points to have each military unit heal one point per turn. If the military unit is killed in battle or you demote him, all those upgrades will go back to zero when the new military units come in. This feature can be used to auto heal your military units making it so you will never need to heal them yourself as long as the attacks on you are few in number. And lastly in this section you have your Unit Commander. Here you name the unit which will lead that military population type. Each military population type will have its own commander if you so pick one. This unit commander will keep record of all the times his forces will win or lose in battle during the course of his life.

Military Unit Training
This is where you train your attack or defense units to full combat status. The units are listed in two sections (on the right column of the screen): Attack Units and Defense Units sorted ascending by power. Units cost currency and military trainees to prepare for combat action, the strength is the base damage the units can inflict (which is multiplied your overall percent on your home page), and how much damage it can take before being lost. A military unit at 50% health only does 50% of the damage it would at maximum. You will find that units that fall into lower health lose health more quickly than ones near or at full health so it is worth keeping your units in good physical shape.

On the Research page you can upgrade your main four stats (income, attack, defense, and covert) via two options: Technology Source also known as your superpower level, and Learned Skill upgrades.

Base Points
When you register you are given 50 base points. Each of these points will give you an extra percent in the stat you place them. You have the option of placing any number of them in income, attack, defense, or covert. These base points are not the same as Learned Skill. You are limited to the number of base points you can get and the only way to obtain more is to get a premium account. Each time you upgrade your account you will obtain one to three base points. The reason these are more important than your learned skill is or two reasons: you are limited to the number of these, and the way they are used to factor your total stat bonus. (2 x 200% x 101%) 404% The base points are in bold. They are being multiplied by your superpower level and then multiplied by your learned skill making the final percent bonus potentially higher if you have a decent superpower level and learned skill to match.

Superpower Level
As you progress through the game you will be able to slowly level up in the superpower level. This level can be considered as a strength measure, as the higher level you have the stronger you must be to be able to afford it. Upgrading will open a new military unit you can train which will be stronger. Also this is a multiplier which will multiply all your stats by your current level. So if you have level 1 all your stats will be multiplied by 1, and if you have level 2 the will all be multiplied by 2, and so on. Both of these things make this level a very important and powerful upgrade as time goes by.

Learned Skill
Learned Skill is an upgrade that will up your stat you upgrade by 1 % which will then be multiplied by your superpower level and base points if placed in the same stat. Each upgrade will cause the cost of the next to increase. To obtain a good overall percent bonus you will need to have a balance between your superpower level and learned skills.

This option takes you to the universe screen, starting with players near your own rank. You can search for players here, jump to any page (30 players per page), or click on a player name to engage them. On any universe screen, clicking a player name takes you to the 'stats' page, which shows their basic information (if your covert is not high enough, it will replace their info with '????') and offers the different ways in which you can interact with them. All options are listed below, although you may not see all options with every player. You may:

Send Message This will open a window with which to send an ingame mail to this player. Crude/rude or personally threatening messages are illegal and can be reported to if you wish.

Spy This option allows you to send intelligence agents into their realm to survey their stats and inventories. If you succeed you have a *chance* to discover each of their stats. The higher your covert action above theirs, the more likely you will discover their secrets but it is not guaranteed no matter how high your covert. Multiple incursions are usually necessary to get all details. With spying, they will not know you were there unless you fail.

Assassinate This option allows you to send covert agents in to destroy enemy military units. They will keep destroying - weak military units first - until either they are not powerful enough to take on the next unit, or they feel they've destroyed enough at which point they return. All assassinate missions have casualties whether successful or not. To send an assassinate mission it uses action turns. Additionally, if an enemy has been targeted with too much covert activity, your agents will refuse to engage, and let you know about the unsuitability of such a 'busy' target. Covert actions require surprise - too much activity forces the enemy to be extra vigilant and paranoid, and prevents surprise.

Attack Attacking others is a core part of the game. If your total strike action is higher than their total defense action, you win - always holds true. Be warned - your displayed strike/defense action is your natural maximum -- depending on the day, you will achieve from 80 percent to 105 percent of this potential. Additionally, the currency you gain on winning is about 50 percent of their total open currency. This attack will slightly hurt part of your attack units and their defense units.

Destroy This is the exact same as attack above, but with one major difference. Instead of stealing the player's currency you will kill a percent of their non military population on a successful destroy mission. Here the only reward to you is the destruction of your target!

Make this user my commander! Hitting this button will make the player whose stats page you are on your commander. You are only able to change commander once per day. If you do not see this box it means that player does not want anymore officers at this time.

Historic Battles
The historic battles are a log of records all attacks made by, and on your realm. It contains several pieces of information: the amount of turns used, quantitative result of the losses/gains, number of troops losses on both sides, damage done by you, damage done to you (if the damage of the enemy is too great, you can only tell that it was a LOT since you were busy running away), and finally a link to the official battle report.

Intel Reports
All covert actions taken by you are recorded here. You can review any recon mission via the 'details' link. You can also see a quick summary of the mission on the main Intel Reports screen. Additionally, missions into your realm are recorded - at least failed recon attempts on you. A successful recon does not show up at all.

Game Updates
While this guide was correct at the time of writing (this guide IS NOT a guarantee), and will be updated periodically, the newest features, changes or enhancements are announced in the 'game updates' page, linked off the top navigation. This navigation also has links to logout, forums, and other places of interest.

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